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Version History


  • quick fix for issues related to Pro Tools 2023.3


  • improved compatibility with Pro-Tools on Apple Silicon


  • performance optimizations


  • better compatibility with certain platforms



  • improved stability


  • fixed scaling issues in Cubase with VST3 plugin GUIs on Windows (high-dpi)
  • New "Gap Size" option available for analyzer, visual gaps between filter bands
  • optimizations for Apple M1


  • improved license key handling, if the whole system was restored by a backup from another computer


  • better compatibility with certain platforms

1.5.007 (win only)

  • minor improvements


  • fixed graphics issues on certain platforms
  • improved compatibility for certain DAWs


  • improved installer


  • new setup program
  • Apple Silicon (arm64) native support
  • VST3 support


  • fixes possible activation issues (mac)
  • improved presets menu


  • fixed latency compensation when plugin is bypassed in some hosts (incl. Cubase)


  • Better frequency axis labeling
  • New Jet Black Skin
  • Analyzer: faster redraw and GUI-responsiveness
  • Analyzer: possibility to change between different FFT window options (Blackman, Hann etc...)
  • Analyzer: two smoothing parameters instead of one - Smoothing Average & Smoothing Max
  • Analyzer: new "Auto Adjust" function, automatically adjusts the visible display range
  • Analyzer: fixed pink noise and the slope/db calibration which was 2db per octave instead of 3db per octave
  • Analyzer: smaller db-steps for adjusting the display
  • Analyzer: maximum of all channels option (in channels-tab)


  • fixed behavior, analyzer-presets were not always recalled properly


  • NEW: RMS Option for Analog Band Analyzer with adjustable integration time
  • Some minor user interface changes
  • Improved phase response for some odd-order filter-types. To ensure consistency with older host-projects, the new behavior will be enabled in new StandardEQ instances, or after re-selection of the filter-type.
  • Performance improvements for certain hosts


  • New analog-style band-filter analyzer with an adjustable number of bands per octave, filter steepness and release speed. The new analyzer is a better option to find the ideal balance between low and high-frequencies in a musical context (FFT analyzer is still available).
  • New possibility to analyze the mid/side signal of a stereo source.
  • Analyzer: hold-graph with adjustable hold time and release speed.
  • Colors of the analyzer channels are now adjustable.
  • Analyzer: ability to save presets, Factory presets available.
  • Double click on the display adds a new filter
  • New default design and default size in horizontal layout.
  • New preset menu
  • Oversampling ist now possible with minimal phase filters, instead of linear phase filters.
  • Current frequency & gain position will be displayed if the mouse is on the display
  • Proportion between analyzer display and bottom controls will be saved automatically
  • New display range option 24dB
  • Fixed cubase modal behavior for cubase clip rendering


  • new supported plugin format AAX
  • internal redesign, performance optimizations
  • smoother switch between filter-types, order & bypass-parameter
  • preset menu now opens in the middle of the plugin GUI
  • better precision with automation frequency
  • channel selector shows channel name, if the host provides it
  • display range setting can be saved as default
  • improved GUI-layout
  • Standard High/Low-shelf: the slope factor will be automatically decreased to a reasonably value (internally), instead of old "out of range"-behavior
  • new possibility to save current analyzer settings as default
  • Mac: fixed volume slider mouse-wheel behavior
  • added a hint to the support document, about mouse-wheel issues with Windows 7, and how to fix them (installing a Microsoft Fix)
  • fixed wrong GUI-colour reset when adjusting zoom via popup-menu

1.1.004 (mac only)

  • fix for mouse hover effect in certain hosts


  • adjustable slope in the analyzer
  • snap to frequency-peaks while dragging the knobs with shift
  • new advanced appearance options


  • fixed ctrl-Drag knob feature
  • tidied up analyzer settings
  • fixed minor issue with display range
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