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Version History


  • quick fix for issues related to Pro Tools 2023.3


  • improved compatibility with Pro-Tools on Apple Silicon


  • performance optimizations


  • added more "maximum look-ahead time" options: 1/3/5ms.


  • The maximum look-ahead time can now be chosen between 0..10ms/100ms/1000ms*. This has the advantage that the plugin needs less latency when using a small amount of look-ahead time. Another benefit is that the plugin can now be configured to use up to one second look-ahead time*. Plugin latency is usually compensated by the DAW via Plugin-Latency-Compensation (PDC).
    *Please note, the maximum look-ahead time of 1000ms is not supported when using the AAX plugin format for compatibility reasons.
  • If the sidechain equalizer was used in connection with oversampling switched on, it could happen that the cutoff-frequencies were overcompensated. This behaviour has been improved. Please note: after installing the update, there may be differences in processing when oversampling is used because the sidechain equalizer now works correctly.
  • improved stability in BITWIG
  • minor improvements


  • a potential issue has been fixed that could arise in connection with the use of bypass, oversampling/look-ahead and sidechain (installation recommended).


  • added the "A-Switch" to the ducker - Always hold while detection higher than threshold-option, checkout out the manual for more info


  • initial release
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