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Public Beta

Version History


  • improved compatibility with Pro-Tools on Apple Silicon


  • possibility to switch on/off the frequency or level coordinates (looks better with using gaps)


  • performance optimizations
  • added a VST3-configuration flag, so the plugin will discovered as “Analyser" in Cubase and probably other hosts in the plugin selection menu


  • better compatibility with certain platforms


  • NEW: GPU acceleration (This feature is currently optional, the default is off. You turn on the GPU acceleration via the menu.)
  • NEW: gaps between the bars, you can set the gap size in the "Other"-section of the slot-settings


  • improved license key handling, if the whole system was restored by a backup from another computer


  • better compatibility with certain platforms


  • fixed graphics issues on certain platforms
  • improved compatibility for certain DAWs


  • improved installer


  • stability improvements
  • added arm64 support for mac


  • retina performance optimization (mac)
  • fixed vst3 plugin window display issues under certain hosts (windows)
  • enabled mono plugin for newer AAX-hosts again

1.0.097 (mac only)

  • fixed redraw issues


  • minor improvement setup


  • "Shine Through” parameter
  • internal optimization
  • improved compatibility with future OS versions
  • “Aux Send” features detect the name of the track automatically (if your DAW supports this)
  • new installer for Mac


  • initial release
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