ButterFLY Manual



Open the DMG-File, and run the install-script "install.command". Please enter your admin-password to allow writing into the default plugin-Folders. The script copies the "ButterFLY.vst" and "ButterFLY.component"-file (AU-Plugin) into the default-plugin folders.


Move the DLL into you VST-Plugin folder. If you are not sure where the vst-plugin directory of your VST-host software is located, please look into the manual of your VST-host software.

Enter License Key

First time you open ButterFLY, a license-key dialog will appear. Please enter the license key you received and restart your host application.

Demo Version

In the demo, you will here a noise-sound every minute, no data will be saved with your project, saving presets is not possible.

Patchbay / Assign Impulse Files to Slots

With Butterfly you can use different files to compose your full impulse-patch. Move the files (which should be *.wav/aiff/flac/ogg) from the file-tree directly into the slots of the patchbay.

Patchbay / Change Routing

Now you can choose a Routing-Presets. In this example you can see a simple true-stereo setup.
Channel 1 (left) is convolved with impulse 10 and added to Output 1 (left).
Channel 1 (left) is convolved with impulse 11 and added to Output 2 (right).
Channel 2 (right) is convolved with impulse 12 and added to Output 1 (left).
Channel 2 (right) is convolved with impulse 13 and added to Output 2 (right).
After choosing a routing-preset, you also can manually change the connection wire.


The Matrix is a another representation of how inputs, impulses and outputs are connected.


For every impulse slot, you can change the volume/pre-delay/low and high-cut filters individually. Just click on the parameter-button you want to change, move the upcoming slider.

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